A Call Worth Celebrating!

A Call Worth Celebrating!

Yesterday I received a call from a lovely woman, Donna Johnson, who gave me full permission to use her name in this post. Donna was calling about our meter and her voice was filled with such exuberance, I knew she had either received good news or was just a very sweet person in general. Turns out, both were true.

After years of managing type 2 diabetes and an autoimmune disorder, Donna had two close calls with her life and decided to take matters into her own hands. She made a commitment to switch up her diet while closely monitoring her glucose levels throughout each day. 

"I feel incredible, I feel born again!", she said to me on the phone with a contagious joyful tone. By switching to a low carb, whole foods diet Donna was able to understand how real foods affected her metabolic health. She started to dial back on prescription medication and soon found independence from the heavy cost of doctor consultation and medicine. 

Even further, complications from her autoimmune disorder ceased and she was able to fully manage that on her own as well. Donna made a comment on how one of her doctors actually seemed upset that was able to do all of this, rather than pleased that her health and quality of life had drastically improved. 

We have some big things in the works at KetoCoach right now, and Donna's call seemed to come with such perfect timing like a sign that we're headed in a direction to really help people on a larger scale. People like Donna give us motivation, people who want to take control of their health in a safe and secure way whether for the sake of gaining physical competency, independence & financial freedom from medications, or just the feeling of general wellness. These are the people we want to reach along with those who feel like it's impossible. We want to show them that it's not impossible! We want to help.

We're proud of you Donna, we're proud of our whole community, and we can't wait to show you all what we're going to do next!

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