Comfort vs. Happiness: Habits, Food, and Mindset

Comfort vs. Happiness: Habits, Food, and Mindset

The habits we get into become a part of us, they are engrained in who we are and how we go about our daily lives. This is everything from how active we are, the time we go to bed, the time we wake up, and the general outline of our day. The same goes with the food we eat, our body gets used to utilizing what we consume, and in turn the familiarity of what makes up our meals becomes second nature. 

When the discussion about improving our habits arrises, there's a familiar feeling of what's coming next. Going to bed earlier, getting more exercise, eating healthier food. These are true, and definitely have their place in improving our habits, but what should really come next is why? Why should I improve my habits? I would think before answers like 'getting in better shape' and 'being more productive' come up, the quintessential answer should be - happiness.

Comfort can be all too easily mistaken for happiness. Comfort is not happiness! Habits and food offer comfort for us, we feel a sense of security and this puts our mindset in a loop, like a playlist on repeat, our mindset becomes structured around our comfort level. Discomfort, in effect, seems like our enemy- the threat to our happiness. 

Committing to changing habits is uncomfortable, at least initially, but then growth happens. You realize you're stronger and your mindset starts to shift from your comfortable routine to the potential you hold within yourself. The potential for growth, change, success, creativity and so much more. When we understand our potential and strength, we stop seeking comfort and start creating happiness.

Don't let your comfort today take away from your happiness tomorrow. Change something today, invest in your happiness and pick one habit to change into something better. Then watch the dominos fall into place as you become a better, happier version of yourself!

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