KetoCoach Receives FDA 510 (k) For Groundbreaking Ketone Meter

KetoCoach Receives FDA 510 (k) For Groundbreaking Ketone Meter



MINNEAPOLIS, MN - (January 1, 2019) - AmVentureX, Inc. today announced FDA clearance of the KetoCoach Blood Ketone Monitoring System. The device will make measuring ketones in the blood more accessible than ever before - with cost of each test going to as low as $0.59. 

"The price of ketone strips have been prohibitively expensive for people who want to measure their blood ketone levels on a daily basis," noted KetoCoach founder Matt Payne. "We've worked hard to make the strips affordable, but also keep their accuracy. People will now be able to measure their state of ketosis accurately on a daily basis for about the price of Netflix membership per month." 

According to the results of KetoCoach's 2019 survey on the ketogenic diet, 26% of American's plan to try the ketogenic diet in 2019. An important component of the diet is measuring the body's state of ketosis. The KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter will make testing ketosis with blood easier and more affordable than ever before. 

The meter features autocoding technology, and offers the smallest blood sample needed of any ketone test on the market.  

The first meter is expected to ship on January 25th.


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