KetoCoach is now BioCoach!

KetoCoach is now BioCoach!

When we launched KetoCoach just 3 years ago, we could not have imagined the journey that would unfold. 
From a tiny office in San Diego, we believed we could make testing ketones more affordable. And we believed we could make a quality, accurate product that people could trust.
We succeeded.  
Today, we’re setting our sights on a new goal – to make healthy living simple.
In the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be unveiling some things that have been in the works for years. As many of you know we’ve developed a next generation glucose and ketone monitor.
But due to the pandemic, the FDA was forced to shift focus away from reviewing our submission. We’re still waiting on the final signature as the FDA addresses critical public health priorities. And once we have it, we’re going to share with you a metabolic health platform that will disrupt the industry.
Keto and the keto community are the core of our brand. But at present, there are over 100 million American’s living with pre-diabetes or diabetes. And millions more are at risk of metabolic disease.As we did when we started, we believe we can make difference. And this time, our mission will be to fight metabolic disease by making healthy living simple.
To reflect our new mission, today I’m excited to announce that we’re changing our name from “KetoCoach” to “BioCoach.”
We have a duty to address an epidemic in our country which impacts the lives of over 100 million Americans. And we’re calling on you to join us in this fight.
It won’t be easy. It won’t be fast. But in the end, we’re going to enable millions who are struggling to stay healthy take control.
Join us. We’re just getting started. And there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.
And stay tuned, we’ve got more to share soon.

-Matt Payne | CEO of BioCoach

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