Ketones and Glucose: Why are they important to track?

Ketones and Glucose: Why are they important to track?

When you think of tracking ketones or glucose, you might picture a specific type of person. Possibly someone who is on a strict diet or weight loss regiment, or perhaps a person struggling with diabetes. The truth is, tracking ketones and glucose can benefit everyone regardless of health or weight.

The better we understand how our body works, the better we can be on top of our health. We can understand that a truck will require diesel fuel, and we can be positive it won't suddenly need unleaded fuel but it will need oil at some point so knowing how the truck operates and when it needs certain amenities keeps it running smooth. Our body's are similar, but unlike the truck - our body is an organism and subject to change. We are able to utilize different sources of fuel and knowing how our biological engine is doing not only gives us more insight into our self, but more control over our health as well.

The notion that the keto diet is just for losing weight is quickly becoming obsolete. We understand now that many people benefit in maintaining a state of ketosis, their body runs smoother when utilizing ketones as fuel instead of glucose. Benefits such as sustained energy, less inflammation, and clearer focus are only a few of the many advantages.

Now if you aren't interested in maintaining a keto diet, you should still consider tracking glucose and ketones. You'll start understanding how different foods effect your energy and mood levels, and you'll be able to adapt your diet to feel the way you want to feel. So even if you don't see yourself as someone tracking ketones and glucose, you should consider it. Your engine might be running, but that doesn't mean it's running at its best!

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