Meditating: The Role of Awareness in Health

Meditating: The Role of Awareness in Health

How many times have you seen an ad or program that includes meditating to get into better shape? There's also plenty of influencers and coaches who claim to meditate each day as part of a healthy daily routine. But why? How does mediating help with our health goals, be they fat loss, muscle gain, or otherwise. 

The answer to this question can be found in the core reason behind meditation as both a daily health practice and as a religious practice- awareness. The same way that workouts and diets vary in structure and approach, so does meditating, there is no one way to practice meditation. 

How do you meditate? This is a big question, and there is no one answer, but the basics are as follows:

1. Make sure your body posture is in a healthy position. Your spine should be aligned and your ability to breathe deeply, unhindered. You make think of someone sitting on a pillow with their hands on their knees, but you could also be sitting in a chair, sitting with your back to the wall, or lying down. (semi-supine is a great option, details here)

2. Your environment should be calm and clean. You can be outdoors or inside, in light or darkness, but just make sure you are not distracted and are breathing clean air.

3. You shouldn't be doing anything except breathing. This, believe it or not, is the hardest part. People tend to fidget or get distracted, but you must just focus on your breathing. Allow thoughts to come and go, acknowledge when you've let your mind dwell on something for long enough, and let it go with your next breath.

-These are the basics. Certain techniques will tell you how to let your mind focus or let go during meditating, and what you hope to get out of mediation helps determine where you should center your thoughts around. Gratitude and self empowerment are basic, common centers. 

How does meditating fit into fitness goals? 

Since almost every mediation practice is meant to bring about a positive awareness, meditating can set the stage for a successful health journey. There are some who claim mediating helps them avoid triggers later in the day such as emotional eating. Others say that by starting the day with a clear view of their goals and an awareness of themselves, they are more focused and find more inner strength. The bottom line is that if you have more awareness and presence throughout the day, you should have a clearer mind regarding your choices and reactions to people and events. This doesn't come without practice, and it's certainly easier said than done, but it's something you can start at anytime, and do pretty much anywhere. 

There's much more to be explored on this topic, but this is a start. Should you give meditating a try? Let us know if you do- or if you already have and can share your experience- tell us about it here!

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