Post BBQ Thoughts...

Post BBQ Thoughts...

Last weekend, on July 17, KetoCoach threw a party down in San Marcos, Texas for our team members and our community. It was an open event, free to get into and no reservation required. There was a live band and some of the best BBQ you can get in Texas. At the center of it all, was our incredible community!

The main reason we planned a party was due to such a prolonged period of absence between us, our team members, and everyone who is a part of this community of health and wellness. We needed to see people again, we wanted to talk, laugh, and connect because at the heart of KetoCoach is not a company hustling to make as much money as possible- it's because our heart is the people we have helped and the people who we are going to help in the future. 

After a few days back in Minnesota, I've had time to reflect on the weekend and those who I had spoken to, be they an influencer/team member or someone who heard about the party and decided to check it out. Here was my main takeaway from it all- everyone has a story filled with emotion and growth. I never heard anyone speak negatively about someone else or themself- this was a community of people who all had a story to share based in self-love, growth and feeling your best while encouraging others to find out what makes them feel their best. A community based on support and love for the self and for others, regardless of where they are at in their journey or if they have even started. 

We are grateful for our community and to those kind hearted and open individuals who took the time to share their own unique experiences. 

Furthermore, we have big things coming and hearing stories and sharing experience only helps us in our mission and others to find their best self. If you have a story to share, please contact us via Instagram Instant Message or email me at

We'll see you at the next BBQ!




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