Stressed out & fed up? . . . Here's a solution!

Stressed out & fed up? . . . Here's a solution!

Have you ever met someone who has had a perfect run at things and faced seemingly no adversity in their life? You probably haven't, and if you are thinking of someone you have met like this - odds are they are either A) purposefully not sharing the struggles they've had OR B) they haven't changed/grown very much in their lifetime due to the lack of adversity. 

If you are stressed out and fed up with how things are going in your life right now- be it in your personal life, work life, or the world at large (COVID, restrictions, lack of social settings)- the solution to your troubles might be closer than you think.

Change is uncomfortable, and vice versa being uncomfortable leads to change. You most likely need a change in your life but a change that is thought out, honest, and the best course of action for you. Here is a very straightforward way to help you figure out what change is needed in your life.

The first step is to look at yourself, your own habits, and what you expose yourself to day to day. The key is to be honest about what is serving you and what is just filler, or worse, weighing you down. Health and enjoyment should be the focus. Be clear and concise and for this step, don't bring in your day job or the people around you - just you! This could be your diet, your daily activity, when you wake up, what you do in the mornings/evenings, how you spend your money, and so on. Which of these could you change today that would serve you better. Then do it, change it, and commit. Make as many or as few changes that you can handle and stay committed.

This first step is about taking control over the aspects of your life which you have direct control over - it's not changing another person, a work position, or your surroundings. Once you have done this and stuck with it, your mindset will change. After you've filtered out what isn't serving you and replaced them with healthier, more enjoyable options for yourself something incredible will happen. You will feel more yourself, and the pathway to bigger change will be much more clear. Perhaps you just need to communicate more with your supervisor, your spouse or your friends. Maybe there is something you've wanted to pursue or somewhere you've wanted to go for a long time and now you can see more clearly how to achieve this goal. 

So, the first step is really the only step. This sounds simple, but I promise you it works, and go about it in a way that works best for you! 


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