Sugar, The Unsweetened Truth

Sugar, The Unsweetened Truth

Imagine this, there is a magical food you can eat every day and in turn it makes you feel less tired throughout the entire day with more sustained focused. This magical food also causes better sleep at night, you are able to move better, your joints, organs, and bones skyrocket in healthy function, your skin looks better, and you have more control over stress and emotions. Who wouldn't eat that food?!

The reality is there is a food that does the exact opposite of everything listed above. Processed sugar causes mood swings, energy spikes and crashes, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of focus. Processed sugar also causes inflammation, damages our metabolic health, decreases bone density, causes breakouts and overall stress due to cognitive impairments directly linked to sugar. 

If the idea of keto and a low carb/ carb free diet causes you to furrow your brow and question the validity of eating in such a way, then think instead of a diet free from processed sugar. Diabetes and pre diabetes are on a sharp incline since the mid 2000's and sugar is one of the biggest reasons. Not only diabetes, but numerous other health issues can be attributed to diets high in processed sugar. 

You'll have cravings and mood swings at first, but cutting out sugar save for the piece of fruit or indulgent dark chocolate every once in a while will only benefit you! Take control of your health today!

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