Testing Ketones, Why is it Important?

Testing Ketones, Why is it Important?

Let's say your bank has opened a savings account on your behalf. They say if you deposit money into the account, they'll make sure it grows but the bank provides you with no other details or even the ability to see the account. Wouldn't you have a few questions? You'd want to see where your money is going, and if they're making sure it's growing, by how much? You'd want the ability to understand the system better as well as the option to check in once in a while. 

Think of the bank account as your body, the money is food you're consuming and you're eating a low carb or ketogenic diet for the sake of torching fat. A diet often means devoting weeks if not months to following a strict eating plan in the hopes that at the end of it all, you'll see the results you've wanted all along. When a diet fails and we don't see the progress we hoped, it's frustrating, and the thought of trying again can be daunting.

A blood ketone meter gives you the ability to understand your body better, to make sure that the food you're putting in your body is keeping you on the road to your goals. Ketone enzymes present in the blood stream is evidence that the body is utilizing fat for fuel. Measuring ketones will give you insight into how your body reacts to foods and allow you to adapt to your body's needs as you go through your journey.

A blood ketone meter ensures you will see results because you are tracking your progress as you're going. Maintaining levels of nutritional and thereupeutic ketosis over an extended period of time will have your body burning through fat and feeling the best it has ever felt. All of this, along with the increased knowledge of how your body works and its own unique needs, testing ketones isn't just important, it's rewarding!

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