The Horrid Loss of Experience with Inactivity

The Horrid Loss of Experience with Inactivity

Let me tell you a secret. I used to dread stairs, I hated the idea of taking long walks, and I wondered when the next time I'd eat would be and what it would be. When I was anywhere else but the couch, I was so concerned about the amount of energy I'd have to expend that I would tire myself out thinking about getting tired later. When people see me now, they see a lean, active person who enjoys just getting outside and doing things. I never saw myself as this person, I always just told myself I wasn't one of those people. I shudder thinking about being trapped in that mentality still.

When we talk about being active as being healthy, many people associate it with the physical health i.e. being lean, fit, and metabolically healthy. There's another huge kind of health that comes with being active- mental health. Understanding that what seems difficult now doesn't have to be permanent is a huge part of becoming more active. Unless you have a debilitating underlying condition, simple things like going up stairs, bringing in the groceries or taking a walk do not need to be tiring tasks that you're reluctant to do. We are creatures made to move and we all have an intrinsic desire to be active. But we are also creatures of habit, and habitual laziness breeds a desire to be lazy. I know it may feel like it now, the thought of having to get more active to enjoy being active may sound strange but if you stick with it, the rewards are vast. 

The main reward I want to mention in this post is experience. When your mindset about moving changes, when it shifts into enjoying being up and active, you start noticing what you've been missing out on. When you're out with friends, on vacation, or just out and about, walking is enjoyable. Seeing new things, finding new places and getting a change of scenery is refreshing, stimulating, and adds to your overall enjoyment of life. You start experiencing the moment when basic movement no longer wears you out. 

So get up, get active, and take control of your health. You will not regret it!



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