Truth or Dare? The Skeptical Eye on Health & Diet

Truth or Dare? The Skeptical Eye on Health & Diet

Dare! I dare you to find a popular video on youtube or any social media that discusses health, nutrition and/or fitness and read the comments. You'll most likely find every corner represented from positive support, reinforcing whatever is claimed in the video, people disputing the video, harsh arguments and trolls. No matter what someone claims is healthy or good for you, there is certain to be a wave of people protesting the claims regardless of professional certifications or experience. Now this isn't necessarily bad, as there are some insane claims and dangerous suggestions lurking around so being skeptical can help weed out the rubbish, especially when the claims start sounding too good to be true. The ketogenic space is no exception as far as skepticism and controversy. I had a friend get defensive when I talked about possible benefits of keto. She said it was unhealthy and unsustainable, and yet- she had not done any research nor tried keto for herself. And she didn't need to, by any means, but claiming something is bad on one's own presumptions can be just as damaging as claiming something is good with no knowledge.

Truth! Tell me why many people enjoy dismissing information based on their own personal feelings? I have a few ideas, perhaps it helps justify personal habits that are contrary, it's possibly easier than taking the time or diligence to research or explore, or perhaps we've just become more cautious regarding widespread information. After all, when the internet is filled with 'gurus' and money making schemes, deep fakes and forgeries- you can't blame people for raising a skeptical eyebrow now and then. 

Now I'll tell you a truth. The keto diet may not be for everyone BUT it has helped thousands if not millions. There is strong evidence regarding the damaging nature of sugar filled and processed foods while clear scientific findings display the healing abilities of a low carb, whole foods diet. If you are looking to improve, if you want to be healthier, if you aren't satisfied with your mental, physical, or emotional health- keto might be an answer. Even with all the back and forth, claims and refutes, the old phrase still stands- 

-Don't knock it until you try it!

For more information regarding benefits of the ketogenic diet, please check out some of our fantastic team members, many of whom have devoted their professional careers to researching nutrition, health, and overall wellness.


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