What are your Snakes? A St. Patrick's Day Entry

What are your Snakes? A St. Patrick's Day Entry

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2021! A holiday that marks the transition from winter to spring here in the Midwest. As I think about the real Saint Patrick, I recall the story of him driving the snakes out of Ireland and I wonder how we can use this as inspiration in our own lives. What are our snakes that we would be in high esteem in our own eyes if we drove them away?

Poor eating, poor sleep, procrastination, laziness, bad attitudes, and hot tempers are just a few examples of negative habits we can pick up and can grow into a big problem if allowed unchecked. 

I remember when I was young, there were people in my hometown who always said there was nothing to do there, that they were unhappy or bored and wouldn't be if they were somewhere else. Then I met these same sort of people in college and realized that there is a large number of people who blame their own stagnation and unhappiness in their geographical location. As I thought more about this, it started to make sense. When we blame our own unhappiness on something out of our control, we don't feel at fault for not living up to our full potential. Thus, negative habits are allowed to grow as we blame our current predicament on where we are geographically.

Focusing on where you are not seems like an invitation for anxiety and depression, while simply accepting where you are initiates a feeling of empowerment. You are here, you've arrived, and you might not be in Ireland but you're also probably not dealing with actual snakes either.

Wherever you are, root yourself now and figure out how you want to better yourself and perhaps this St. Patrick's Day will encourage you to go that extra step to take control of your life and not just order another pint!

You've got this, you're in control of your life so make it a good one. And Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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