50 Blood Glucose Test Strips
50 Blood Glucose Test Strips

50 Blood Glucose Test Strips

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50 premium blood glucose test strips.

Unlock the key to better health with our Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips. Designed for precision and reliability, these strips ensure that monitoring your blood sugar levels is a breeze.


  1. Accuracy Guaranteed: Our test strips are meticulously crafted to provide consistent and accurate readings every time.
  2. Quick Results: Spend less time waiting and more time taking action with readings available in mere seconds.
  3. Minimal Sample Size: Requires only a tiny blood sample, making the testing process less painful and more comfortable.
  4. No Coding Required: Avoid the hassle of manual coding with our auto-code recognition system.
  5. Compatible Design: These strips are designed to work seamlessly with the BioCoach glucose and ketone meters for effortless testing. (not compatible with other brands glucose meters)


  • Peace of Mind: Frequent and accurate testing means staying ahead of potential health risks.
  • Manageable Data: Use in conjunction with our digital app to track, store, and analyze your readings over time.


  1. Insert the test strip into the meter.
  2. Prick your fingertip using a lancing device.
  3. Touch the end of the strip to the blood sample until the meter beeps or starts counting down.
  4. Wait for the reading to appear on the meter's display.


  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Ensure the container is tightly sealed to preserve the integrity of the strips.

Package Contents:

  • 50 Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • Informational Leaflet with detailed instructions

Stay in control of your health with our Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips. Efficient, reliable, and easy to use, these strips are the perfect companion for those committed to maintaining optimum blood sugar levels.