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About Us

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About KetoCoach


My name is Matt, and I'm the founder of KetoCoach. We're working on building an incredible resource for people working to improve their lives through the Ketogenic Diet.

My keto journey is personal. In October 2015 I reached my heaviest weight ever. I needed to change my lifestyle - but frequent overseas travel made that difficult. I heard about the Ketogenic diet and decided to give it a shot. As it was described to me then, "You just eat bacon and eggs for three days and your body goes into a state of ketosis." Seemed pretty straightforward.

It was not.

I found myself constantly trying to identify what foods would impact my ketone levels. And after becoming fat-adapted, the urine strips I used were no longer providing me with feedback that I was on the right track. 

I heard that measuring with blood was more accurate, but back then it used to cost several dollars a strip to measure. I also wasn't even sure what an ideal reading was, and there weren't a lot of easily accessible resources for people who were on the diet yet. 

Having a background in medical devices, I knew I could find a better way to provide more resources at a more affordable price. So the KetoCoach journey began. 

Today, we're launching a series of ketogenic measurement tools, starting a with a blood ketone meter.

It's taken time to get it right, but our first blood ketone meter will offer the most affordable test strips to date. But it's much more than price. Our goal is to make measuring ketones:

  • Accurate
  • Easy
  • Painless
  • Understandable  

The ketogenic diet is changing people’s lives. The stories of success are not defined just in pounds, but in lives transformed and people touched. We’re lucky enough, to live in an age where we can measure the metabolic state our bodies are in - and improve outcomes.  

I'm excited for the journey ahead. And I'm grateful you spent the time to learn about our product. 


Matt Payne | Founder