Avoiding Errors


How to avoid Er3 – not enough sample on test strip

1) Get a larger blood drop

  • Adjust lancing device to highest setting
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap! We’ve found that using soap helps the blood drop form more of a bubble which is easier to extract with the strip.
  • Massage hand and lower arm prior to blood prick.
  • If all else fails, try 28-gauge lancets. These have a larger needle and thus draw more blood. Find these on the KetoCoach website or your local pharmacy.

    2) Correct blood collection procedure

    • Check out this quick video highlighting the blood collection! 

      How to avoid Er2 - used or contaminated strip

      This error usually arises when the strip has blood on it when the meter registers the strip.

      • The meter has to be flashing the blood drop icon at the time of blood collection. If the meter shuts off before you’re ready to collect the blood, hold the power button down for 3-4 seconds to turn it back on and wait again for the blood drop.
      • If the strip doesn’t suck up enough blood in the first try, unfortunately more blood cannot be added to it in a second attempt.
      • The enzymes in the strips are sensitive to temperature and contamination (which is why we foil wrap them!). Make sure the strips were never stored above 86 degrees F or below 39 degrees F.