When you sign up for the BioCoach membership preorder, you will receive: 

  • Bluetooth Glucose/Ketone meter
  • Unlimited Glucose strips 
  • Access to the BioCoach app.

Inside the app are health quests designed to improve metabolic functioning, tracking of your glucose readings over time, metabolic friendly recipes and access to fresh pre-prepared meals shipped directly to your door. 

$35 per month for all preorder subscribers, with a month to month contract (cancellable at any time). After launch, the price will vary depending on which membership package you prefer (3 month and 12 month options will be available).

In the BioCoach membership, you will receive UNLIMITED glucose strips. Your strip use is tracked within the BioCoach app, and will autoship more glucose strips your way as you’re running low. KetoCoach ketone strips are NOT included in the membership, but are available to purchase as a single box or on a discounted recurring subscription.

The BioCoach subscription does NOT include ketone strips. While unlimited glucose strips are included in the BioCoach subscription, ketone strips are available separately on the BioCoach website.

BioCoach operates in a way that our coaches, with their specific philosophies, will design “Quests” in which you can choose to participate. Within these Quests are videos, quizzes and prompts designed to increase your understanding of improving everything from metabolic health, mental health and physical health. You can send messages to the BioCoach team via the chat function, which will respond with either a direct message from your coach, or from our AI healthbot, Alan. (Affectionately named after Alan Turing)

As a month to month subscriber you can cancel at anytime. The only payment you’re on the hook for is the first month’s payment of $35, which is non-refundable once your meter ships. For 3 and 12 month subscriptions, there are no refunds once the order is placed but you can cancel your subscription renewal at any time. 

Head to the BioCoach home page and click on the account icon in the top right corner. From there, simply enter your email address and a four digit login code will be emailed directly to you (and texted if you entered your cell number at checkout). Enter the code and you’re in! You can modify your subscription details, payment and contact information.

Meter/App Questions

Check out this digital form of the user manual, located HERE

With your meter powered off, press the power button and the up arrow button simultaneously and hold for three seconds. This will bring you into the time/date setup menu. Using the up/down arrows to change the values, and the power button to confirm the values, you can change the time and date of your meter. This is important, as your meter syncing to your app timeline is dependent on the meter being in the same time/date as your cell phone.

Once you have signed up for the BioCoach membership, you will have an account created within the BioCoach database. Simply head to the Apple Store, or the Google Play store, and download the BioCoach app. Upon loading, the app will ask for your email / phone number. Be sure to use the same email and phone number that you used when you purchased your meter/membership. If you have an account, you will be asked to confirm your contact information and create a password. If it says no account exists for your email, email for assistance.

There are several error codes that may occur during testing, which are outlined in your user manual. The most common of them are Er2, Er3 and Er8. 

Er2 is the result of a contaminated or used test strip being inserted. Remove the test strip and repeat the test with a new strip. Wait until you see the flashing blood drop icon before you add blood.

Er3 is the result of not enough blood sample for the test strip to activate. Remove the strip and repeat the test with a new strip, ensuring there is enough blood to be collected into the strip.

Er8 is the result of a bluetooth disconnection between the meter and your mobile device during transmission. Double check your meter is connected as a bluetooth device, the readings will sync once the meter is again paired with your phone.

Per FDA requirements, only BioCoach manufactured strips will work with the BioCoach meter. As of now, there is no CGM option available through BioCoach, and no way to sync readings from any existing CGM’s into the BioCoach app.

Yes, the BioCoach meter is a traditional glucometer, which requires a finger prick blood draw to test your glucose or ketones via test strips. However, we have designed our lancet to be relatively painless with adjustable needle depth and bumps around the needle site designed to “confuse” the nerves, resulting in a more comfortable needle stick.