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Our Innovative Program - Personized for your goals

The BioCoach Mobile App

FREE Glucose and Ketone Meter

UNLIMITED glucose test strips

Access to our online Community Group

EasyCancel™ Anytime.



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1 Month

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Meter Starter Kit
(Included FREE)

Test your metabolism’s response to food.

Sync Reading via Bluetooth to BioCoach

Tests Glucose & Ketones

Everything you need to start testing

Ketone Strips
50 Pack
$39.95 - One time
$29.96 - Monthly
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  • Enroll in challenges/mini-courses
  • Track health data (A1C, Weight, and more)
  • Sync BioCoach Meter readings
  • Get unlimited testing supplies
  • Access video guides
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Join guided challenges/recipes
  • Chat with nutrition experts
  • Exclusive BioCoach marketplace
  • Curated product bundles (soon)
  • FREE FDA Cleared Glucose & Ketone Monitor ($54 value)
  • FREE Metabolic Testing Starter Kit
  • Unlimited Glucose Testing Strips which are auto-delivered to you based on strip usage

We also hate programs that make it hard to leave. So we made it so that you can cancel easily at anytime online in your account.

It's up to you!

To be successful you don't need to necessarily test daily. But some people love to get more data and more biofeedback.

And for people who are used to testing daily, our premium Owen Mumford lancing device has been validated to reduce the sensation of finger sampling using a patented "Comfort Zone Technology."

"It feels like a field mouse gave me a high five"



I'm down 14 pounds in 2 weeks. I cannot believe how much "healthy food" was not so healthy after all.

Nick Miller

San Diego, CA


I saw a blood sugar testing video and was curious. I cannot believe how things that say they're low sugar are spiking my glucose.

Maria Lawerence

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I knew it was coming for awhile, but I didn't want to face it. And I wish I would have sooner. I've learned so much in just a few weeks. The videos are helpful and I'm seeing improvement in my numbers. Will check my labs in a few months.

Carol Francis

Sacramento, CA


The shopping carts have been super helpful and I like being able to use the AI to build recipes that fit my tastes.

Jonathan Costello

Buffalo, NY