Behavior-Changing health solution that feels like a game

A vast majority of American adults have metabolic damage, but addressing the problem can be confusing and difficult (not to mention expensive).

Take the guesswork out of your metabolic health journey. We use health tracking, education, and fun rewards to change your behavior over time. Figure out together what works FOR YOU and your own unique body using your own health data.

Whether you want to join our monthly program with unlimited glucose strips and lessons to improve your numbers, or you just want to buy one box of strips, we have you covered.

BioCoach Monthly Membership - BioCoach
BioCoach Monthly Membership - BioCoach
BioCoach Monthly Membership - BioCoach

BioCoach Monthly Membership

Regular price$39.00

  • $39 per month
  • Unlimited blood glucose test strips
  • Access to the BioCoach Metabolic Health App
50 Blood Glucose Test Strips (No App Access) - BioCoach
50 Blood Glucose Test Strips (No App Access) - BioCoach
50 Blood Glucose Test Strips (No App Access) - BioCoach

50 Blood Glucose Test Strips (No App Access)

Regular price$35.00

50 premium blood glucose test strips.

Unlock the key to better health with our Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips. Designed for precision and reliability, these strips ensure that monitoring your blood sugar levels is a breeze.


  1. Accuracy Guaranteed: Our test strips are meticulously crafted to provide consistent and accurate readings every time.
  2. Quick Results: Spend less time waiting and more time taking action with readings available in mere seconds.
  3. Minimal Sample Size: Requires only a tiny blood sample, making the testing process less painful and more comfortable.
  4. No Coding Required: Avoid the hassle of manual coding with our auto-code recognition system.
  5. Compatible Design: These strips are designed to work seamlessly with the BioCoach glucose and ketone meters for effortless testing. (not compatible with other brands glucose meters)


  • Peace of Mind: Frequent and accurate testing means staying ahead of potential health risks.
  • Manageable Data: Use in conjunction with our digital app to track, store, and analyze your readings over time.


  1. Insert the test strip into the meter.
  2. Prick your fingertip using a lancing device.
  3. Touch the end of the strip to the blood sample until the meter beeps or starts counting down.
  4. Wait for the reading to appear on the meter's display.


  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Ensure the container is tightly sealed to preserve the integrity of the strips.

Package Contents:

  • 50 Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • Informational Leaflet with detailed instructions

Stay in control of your health with our Premium Blood Glucose Test Strips. Efficient, reliable, and easy to use, these strips are the perfect companion for those committed to maintaining optimum blood sugar levels.

50 Blood Ketone Test Strips - BioCoach
50 Blood Ketone Test Strips - BioCoach
50 Blood Ketone Test Strips - BioCoach

50 Blood Ketone Test Strips

Regular price$39.95

The most affordable ketone test strips:

One Time Buy: $0.79 cents/strip
Subscribe & Save: $0.59 cents/strip
  • Fifty (50) Foil-wrapped Ketone Test Strips
  • The Knowledge That You Are, Indeed, Awesome
  • Free Standard Shipping

Why Test Ketones With KetoCoach?

The KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter is easy to use, and comes with a clear guide to help you understand what your ketone levels mean. Not only is the meter accurate, but with strips starting from $0.59 cents - it's also 40% more affordable than any other ketone test currently available. Combined with the FastCoach app (sold separately), KetoCoach gives users a first of it's kind diet experience. With both live and on-demand instructor-led classes, the KetoCoach goes beyond a meter to offer you actionable insightful information into your diet.


The combination of powerful tracking tools + education creates real behavior change. It’s what sets us apart from other programs. You don't have to hope that this program is working. You’ll be able to see it working for yourself.

Don't take our word for it

It's like the Peloton of nutrition. So many awesome coaches. I followed Chris Irvin on Instagram for years and read his books. It was so awesome to be able to interact with him directly.

Adrian B.

Salt Lake City, UT

My A1C went from 8.1 to 5.7. I cried when I tested with your A1C meter. It meant so much to me.

Lori J.

Phoenix, AZ

You've provided me with the tools to better navigate a healthier lifestyle. This means a lot to me.

Vanessa D.

Austin, TX

I as well as family, friends and coworkers are amazed at the results I've experienced over the last few months.

Jeff L.

Minneapolis, MN

The combination of Dr. Jaime's videos and tracking my numbers has delivered the best possible solution to a 40 year battle with weight and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Pedro M.

Oceanside, CA