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Chef-Prepared Meals

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The NEW Biocoach Meal Plan

Our plan is simple: Eat one of our meals each day, and watch the pounds fall off.

No pots and pans. No grocery trips. Just healthy chef-crafted meals delivered free to your door. Finally, eating better is easy.


Choose your menu

Our meal options rotate regularly, so you can eat exactly what you'd like. All of our meals are low-carb, high protein.


Our chefs make each meal from scratch and ship them (free!) right to your door.


Our meals are ready in minutes. No dirty dishes - just healthy, delicious eating.

Prepared by a Master chef

Chef Michael is the official Chef of BioCoach. Lauded by Gordon Ramsey and runner-up on FOX's MasterChef® Allstars, Chef Michael is passionate about creating yummy, nutritious, restaurant-quality food, delivered right to your door.

After losing 80 lbs, Chef Michael knows personally how important delicious food can be on a journey to health. Each meal was carefully crafted to help you hit your goals.

Your Journey starts now

Eat your way to a better you.