Why We Exist

BioCoach exists to help guide the many individuals suffering from poor metabolic health that has already lead to or is leading to obesity, diabetes, prediabetes, and other chronic health conditions.  BioCoach provides real solutions to help individuals assess their health, take control of it, and never look back.


BioCoach was originally founded as KetoCoach in 2018 by Matt Payne as a ketogenic diet tech company focusing on monitoring blood ketone levels.  In 2020, KetoCoach launched our FastCoach app which supported intermittent fasting with tools like our fasting timer and challenges to help hold participants accountable.

In 2021, we were struck by the many success stories we heard from individuals with diabetes and prediabetes using a low carb diet to manage their condition, including stories from individuals using our device and our app.  This prompted us to take a closer look at diabetes and prediabetes and we were blown away by what we saw.

The Diabetic Epidemic

Diabetes is now the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.  Over 13% of the adult population is suffering from diabetes(*) and the number has continued to grow over the last 4 decades. In 1980, there were 108 million adults suffering from diabetes globally, today that number has risen to well over 400 million.

Even worse than the prevalence of diabetes is the rapid increase in rates of prediabetes.  Today it is estimated that 1/3 of U.S. adults suffer from prediabetes and nearly 89% are metabolically unhealthy, meaning even more people are on the fast track to prediabetes, diabetes, and the many other chronic diseases that often accompany these disorders.

The Burden
Societal & Economic Burden

The burden of diabetes is not just on the individual suffering from the disease, it is also on our society and economy as a whole.

Diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. costs well over $300 billion annually with diagnosed diabetics accruing over 2.3x the medical costs of non-diabetics. The dagger is that with standard diabetic treatment, the patient is rarely cured and often develops secondary and tertiary health complications.

The Problem with Standard Diabetic Treatment

These diabetic statistics are staggering and should have anyone wondering where we are going wrong. While we should be first considering prevention, until recently, our healthcare system has only focused on treatment so we will start there.

Diabetic treatment has traditionally consisted of measuring biomarkers of diabetes such as: A1C, fasting blood sugar, and oral glucose tolerance and prescribing insulin or other diabetic drugs like metformin upon test results that are considered out of range. While insulin and diabetic medication are effective at managing blood sugar levels in the short-term, when used chronically they can become less effective and cause other side effects including the development of other chronic diseases. This is a big reason why most individuals diagnosed with diabetes do not get better, rather they just manage their disease and if they are lucky, slow its progression down while their quality of life largely deteriorates. 

The biggest shortcoming of standard diabetes treatment is that it doesn’t address root causes.  While insulin and glucose lowering medication are effective, they do not target the reason why blood sugar is elevated in the first place: lifestyle.  While many people think that type 2 diabetes is genetic, only 5% of cases are genetic while the other 95% are caused by lifestyle factors such as:

Poor diet

Lack of physical activity

Chronic stress

Poor sleep

Standard diabetic treatment often fails to consider these factors or make recommendations to improve them as a first line of defense.  This is unfortunate since lifestyle interventions are not only a more effective approach to diabetes management, but also cheaper.

While diabetic treatment no doubt needs to improve, the staggering total number and increased rates of prediabetes should also have us considering prevention and early testing.

The Problem with Diabetes Prevention

84% of people with prediabetes don’t know they have it(*). Screening for prediabetes is a huge step toward prevention which is why many organizations are recommending that screening start as early as 35 years of age.  Given the increased rates of childhood diabetes, even this is likely too late. 

Even if we were to opt for earlier prediabetes and diabetes testing, we would still be missing the boat on effective early interventions. 

Research has shown that 70% of individuals diagnosed with prediabetes who don’t follow a diet intervention progress to type 2 diabetes within X years (*).

Yet, very rarely do we see diet interventions prescribed to prediabetics.

Woman checking BioCoach app with blood glucose meter and healthy food on the counter.
What is Pre diabetes?
Our Solution

Our mission is to help guide individuals suffering from diabetes, pre-diabetes, or just poor metabolic health to health restoration and freedom.  With access to technology to track important biomarkers of metabolic health, our users can more easily identify their health issues, receive effective solutions to their problems, and track their progress overtime.

Our program was created to provide a real solution to the diabetes and poor metabolic health epidemic all while addressing the biggest pain points individuals with these conditions face. Our program features a blood glucose and ketone meter that reports data to our BioCoach app which features expert coaches who guide our users on their health journeys by helping you with nutrition, meal prep, and grocery shopping.  What makes our program special is that we offer rewards, special offer, and grocery shopping discount that reduce our users cost of ownership to $0