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KetoCoach Ketone Meter


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Why you need a blood ketone meter:

Being in a state of ketosis is where most of the benefits of the ketogenic diet are found. And the most accurate way to test if you are in a state of ketosis is with blood. 

Many times our users thought they were following the ketogenic diet perfectly. But after they received the KetoCoach, they found their ketone readings were out of nutritional ketosis - despite their pee strips telling them otherwise. Many factors are at play, but here are some very common reasons you might not be in ketosis

  • Eating too much protein 
  • Unknowingly eating carbs: (e.g. your favorite barista accidentally puts sugar in your coffee) 
  • Eating too many "keto" treats.
  • Eating too many carbs
  • Not correctly tracking macros.

Why Test Ketones With KetoCoach?

The KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter is easy to use, and comes with a clear guide to help you understand what your ketone levels mean. Not only is the meter accurate, but with strips starting from $0.59 cents - it's also 40% more affordable than any other ketone test currently available. Combined with the FastCoach app (sold separately), KetoCoach gives users a first of it's kind diet experience. With both live and on-demand instructor-led classes, the KetoCoach goes beyond a meter to offer you actionable insightful information into your diet.

Starter Kit Includes:
  • KetoCoach β-ketone Meter
  • Ten (10) Foil-wrapped Ketone Test Strips
  • Owen Mumford Lancing Device (Finger Pricker)
  • Ten (10) Owen Mumford Lancets 
  • Awesome Sticker
  • Stunning Good Looks
  • Free Shipping 


  • Measures ketone levels
  • Autocoding - No need to use a coding strip before each test.
  • Foil Wrapped Strips: ketone strips come sealed in foil - helping measurement stability 
  • Tiny Blood Sample (0.8μl Ketone)

    Unlocking the Power of Ketosis: Why the KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter is Essential for Your Ketogenic Journey

    Embracing the Ketogenic Lifestyle with Precision and Confidence

    The ketogenic diet has surged in popularity as an effective way to lose weight, enhance energy, and improve overall health. However, the key to reaping these benefits lies in accurately maintaining a state of ketosis. This is where the KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter becomes an invaluable tool in your health and wellness arsenal.

    Understanding the Importance of Accurate Ketosis Measurement

    Being in a state of ketosis is where you'll find most of the benefits of the ketogenic diet. It's a metabolic state where your body efficiently burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. However, many enthusiasts, despite their best efforts, find themselves not achieving true ketosis. This is often due to common pitfalls such as consuming too much protein, unknowingly ingesting carbs, indulging in too many “keto” treats, or not tracking macros correctly. Traditional methods like urine strips can be misleading, which is why blood ketone measurement with the KetoCoach Meter offers a more reliable alternative.

    Why Choose KetoCoach for Ketone Testing?

    The KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter is designed for simplicity and accuracy. It stands out in several ways:

    • Ease of Use: Comes with a clear guide, making it easy to understand your ketone levels.
    • Affordability: Priced 40% lower than competitors, with ketone test strips starting at just $0.59.
    • Advanced Features: Includes autocoding technology, requiring no additional coding strip for each test.
    • Foil-Wrapped Strips: Ensures measurement stability by protecting the strips.
    • Minimal Blood Sample Needed: Requires only a tiny 0.8μl blood sample for ketone measurement.

    Comprehensive Starter Kit for Immediate Use

    The KetoCoach starter kit is thoughtfully designed to include everything you need to begin your ketosis tracking journey:

    • KetoCoach β-Ketone Meter: The core of your ketosis testing, providing fast and accurate readings.
    • Ten Foil-Wrapped Ketone Test Strips: Ready-to-use and protected for reliability.
    • Owen Mumford Lancing Device and Lancets: Ensuring comfortable and easy blood sampling.
    • Additional Perks: Includes an awesome sticker, stunning good looks, and free shipping.

    Enhance Your Ketogenic Diet with FastCoach App Integration

    Pairing the KetoCoach Meter with the FastCoach app elevates your ketogenic diet experience. This app offers live and on-demand instructor-led classes, providing a comprehensive approach to your diet. It's not just about measuring ketones; it's about understanding and optimizing your diet for the best results.

    Conclusion: Your Partner in Achieving Ketogenic Success

    The KetoCoach Blood Ketone Meter is more than just a measurement device; it's a partner in your ketogenic journey. With its precision, affordability, and comprehensive support through the FastCoach app, it empowers you to achieve and maintain the state of ketosis, unlocking all the benefits of your ketogenic lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned keto enthusiast or just starting, the KetoCoach Meter is the tool you need to ensure you're on the right track.