Turkey and Bell Pepper Boats (Fastest Keto lunch)

Turkey and Bell Pepper Boats (Fastest Keto lunch) - BioCoach

Notes/fun tips: So yummy and quick, I could eat this twice a week and it never gets old!


Time Savings: Slice bell peppers ahead of time and keep in fridge

Prep Time: 3 minutes!

Cook Time: zero



  1. 1 Red Bell Pepper ( Red are my favorite and so pretty with this recipe but you can use orange or yellow )

  2. 2- 4 oz Plain cream cheese

  3. 1-2 tbsp Everything but the Bagel seasoning ( Trader Joe's or on Amazon, or in your local store)

  4. 2-3 slices of turkey ( I like Applegate Farms Organic Turkey breast )



  1. Slice bell peppers - see picture, I like to slice into 'boats' or wide wedges to scoop the cream cheese

  2. Use a butter knife to fill the wedge and spread the cream cheese to desired taste

  3. Sprinkle EbtB on each one, add 2 or 3 slices of sliced turkey to your plate and enjoy! Alternate bites or eat the separately, and add a little Redmond's to your bell pepper boats if you're craving more sodium on your keto diet!

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