BioCoach Glucose & Ketone Kit + 50 Glucose Strips - BFCM Bundle Kit Only
BioCoach Glucose & Ketone Kit + 50 Glucose Strips - BFCM Bundle Kit Only

BioCoach Glucose & Ketone Kit + 50 Glucose Strips - BFCM Bundle Kit Only

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Note: This is for the Meter only. If you would like to get the meter with access to the BioCoach App and unlimited Glucose Strips, click here -> BioCoach Membership

Starter Kit Includes: 

  • BioCoach Blood Glucose & Ketone Meter
  • Ten (10) Foil-wrapped Ketone Test Strips
  • Eighty-five (85) Foil-wrapped Glucose Test Strips
  • Owen Mumford Lancing Device (Finger Pricker)
  • Fifty (50) 30g Owen Mumford Lancets
  • Quick Start Guide
  • **Additional Glucose or Ketone Strips are available for purchase on the BioCoach website

 Why You Need a Blood Glucose + Ketone Meter:

Whether you are managing diabetes or are simply keen on understanding your metabolic health, monitoring your blood glucose levels is important. Measuring blood glucose provides valuable insights into how your body tolerates the foods you eat and whether you need to take action to improve your metabolic health or better manage a chronic disease.

With the dual-function capability of BioCoach, you can also measure your ketones. Ketones are also a valuable marker of metabolic health and can help you understand how your body is burning fat and whether or not you are achieving ketosis.

Benefits of Measuring Glucose & Ketones

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Insight: By monitoring both glucose and ketones, you get a holistic view of your body's energy utilization, allowing for more informed dietary and lifestyle decisions.
  • Informed Decision Making: Real-time feedback from testing empowers individuals to make immediate dietary and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Regular testing can serve as a motivational tool, keeping individuals accountable to their health and wellness goals.
  • Diabetes Management: Regular glucose testing is crucial for diabetics to manage and regulate blood sugar levels, helping to prevent complications.
  • Detect Hypoglycemia: Monitoring glucose can help detect episodes of low blood sugar, which can be dangerous if not addressed promptly.
  • Monitor Fasting and Postprandial Levels: Understand how different foods impact your blood sugar by testing before and after meals.
  • Optimize Ketogenic Diet: For those on a ketogenic diet, testing ketones ensures you're in ketosis and helps fine-tune macronutrient intake for optimal results.
  • Weight Management: Keeping glucose in check can assist in weight loss
  • Improved Energy Levels: By understanding and managing glucose and ketone levels, individuals can optimize their energy levels and reduce energy slumps.