Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers Appetizer

Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers Appetizer - BioCoach

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes!

Cook Time: zero


(Fun Note:

Salt and Crunch in one! These are a great inexpensive and tasty finger food - easy prep ahead, no sauces, no mess!)



  1. 1 - 2 Bags of Mini Sweet Peppers, each package contains approx 10 min bell peppers

  2. cream cheese - 1 8 oz brick or package, double if using more bell peppers

  3. Everything but the Bagel seasoning ( from Trader Joe's or offAmazon)



  1. Cut the ends off the mini bells, scrape out core if desired

  2. Use a butter knife to fill the mini bell peppers with cream cheese, and spread flat on top, use more or less to taste!

  3. pour 3 tbsp of Everything seasoning in a little bowl and roll/dab the peppers until seasoning covers the cream cheese part - make them pretty on a plate, serve and enjoy! Prep up to 24 hours ahead and cover and chill for a party later.


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